Youtube Music Awards 2013

So this year was the first time The Youtube Music Awards or YTMA was held. I haven't seen the entire live brodcast but I watched the Seoul brodcast and I've tuned in durning other parts of the awards. The list of winners are: Artist of the Year: Eminem Video of the Year: Girls' Generation Youtube Phenomenon: I Know You Where Trouble Innovation of the Year: DeStorm Response of the Year: Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix Youtube Breakthrough: Maclemore and Ryan Lewis
On to what I thought about the awards: It was far to long. I mean okay, I lot of people got to preform but it still was a bit much to watch. Especially for those that want to see everything from start to finish. 15 hours to be exact. Anyway, I'm quite happy that Girls' Generation won a award but I'm sad that Psy didn't win anything. He really deserves it. I do hope Youtube holds more awards but that they do it a bit better next time (practice makes everything perfect) I didn't quite like the hosting apart from the Seoul. They did seem a bit awkward (in Seoul) but they made it work. All the other hosting (Rio & London) just was EVERYWHERE at the same time. It got messy and boring. So I tuned out but got back for the New York one. The hosting was messy in NY too. I wish they picked better hosts. Oh well, there is always next year.
Excuse any spelling mistakes I'll correct them tomorrow. I'm just really tired and I need to sleep since I have school tomorrow but I really wanted to write this now. If anyone want to watch the awards belated I've embeded the video below: