Finally is my domain back up and running! Had problems with the payment. It didn't register or something. Which made this domain up for grabs! Horrible thoughts. Let's leave it to, that it's finally working! 😃

I've also did my makeup and went full out which I haven't done in ages. I also curled my hair for the first time ever. Haha I've had my curling iron for ages but I never do anything with my hair beside flattening it. Decided to play it up. 😁

Since I looked so fancy, I decided to take some selfies!

Can we get a thumb up 👍 for the first post of the year? Haha 😂 

Hopefully I'll be going to update more often this year. I have a couple of plans that I want to get to. Just going to keep wishing that I keep going in the right direction with my health! 😄 No promises though, I'll just do my best! 😁