Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day

Hey you guise! Today have been quite a long and heavy day. I could not sleep during the night and when I finally feel asleep, the clock rang. So I missed my first lesson but I went to my second. Which is better then nothing. I got so sick of feeling tired and falling behind so I decided to make the best of the day. I put on make-up (which I do rather rarely) and I meet up with Felicia and Zubeida (after class, haha). First we went and had lunch at my mums restaurant, then we went to the library. I studied for 2 hours(!) which is quite a lot for me. At 17 o'clock, me and Felicia started packing up our things. I went to math class (evening course) and Felicia meet up with some other friends. At the math class, I finally learned to properly use functions and the test I took went quite well (I hope). I still have a English homework to complete, which I need to do right after I post this blogpost but I really wanted to blog! ^-^ I like bloging about good days! :) I really hope that tomorrow, will be as good as today or maybe even better? Who knows but I got to start making my days work for me.