Hi! :3

Binero are having a sale on their domain names, so I took the opportunity to buy the domain name tinescorner. So from about an hour or so it should work out to write tinescorner.se
The picture is from yesterday, when I had the photo shot with Felicia and Saga! ^ _ ^
Currently editing the images so it should come up with lots of photos throughout the week. :)

On a different topic.
As much as I love my family, they take sometimes the price for craziest family ever.
Tell me .. Who comes knocking at your door, four in the morning and ask you, are you awake and then go away? On a school night? This whole day has been spent between being super tired and hyper activ. Soon, I will be in sugar shock. I've eaten so many sweets that I feel sick. A can of coke, a medium sized redbull plus an ice cream. All within a few hours. Guess if I am hyper. Really tired but can't sit still. It works super together * sarcasm on a high-level*