Se på mig nu

The title above says: Look at me now.

Just going to take the time to praise Swedish music. I'm still a fan of KPOP but when ever I get the chance to use my laptop, I usually go on Youtube and listen to Swedish music. At least these last couple of weeks. Favourite artists? These below


Norlie & KKV

Kapten Röd

Dani M


I figured I do a mini series on my favourite Swedish songs and I'll start with Medina and their song 'Se på mig nu'

I just have to say how I love the way the throw in a couple of arabic words randomly. I didn't think about it the first time I listened to them but then it hit me a couple of days later. WTF were they actually using arabic? So I had to google the lyrics.

Haffla literally stands for party in arabic. Hahaha. I understand why they use haffla instead of party. It sounds quite fancy, 'Oh yeah, we make Haffla music'. They don't use any arabic in the song above, which makes the song choice a bad example. To make up for it I'll include 'Där palmerna bor' in the post so you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The first arabic word is floos (arabic for money). Next word is hayat (arabic for life) instead of livet (Swedish for life) which is also the album title.

I also like these songs from them. I'm not going to link every single song that I like because that would take days. Haha. This is more so you'll have a variety to chose from + I get a click list for my favourite songs. 😁

Miss Decibel:

Doga Doga ft. Arash:

Sann Romans:

Ps. Medina, the group name also means city. 😄

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