Recap of the Last Couple of Days

Hello! So I've had so much to write about, but I haven't gotten the stick out of my ass and written a post about it. I wish I could write and save it as a draft from my phone but since I got an Android and's app isn't as good as the iPhone one, I'm stuck having to write everything from the laptop. And since I'm better at writing a couple of lines at the time then writing an entire blog post at the same time, the updates get less frequent. Shame on me. Hopefully when we move and get the routine under control, it will get better. Oh well, as they say, better late then never. On the 5th of April I did the 'Högskoleprovet' (SweSAT or the university entrance exam), it went pretty good for being the first time. I've meet people and friends I haven't seen in a long time. I also got a feel for the exam, so the next time should go better. Since I'm such a time optimist (especially in the mornings) I got extremely stressed over what bus I was suppose to take, on what time. So I ended up running out in sweatpants and an large cardigan, which made me look extremely out of place with my friends as they looked like they were walking a catwalk. Yes, Kimia, I'm talking about you. Haha :P On the 8th of April, I meet up with Felicia and Zubeida to go to the Old City as Ben&Jerrys were giving out free ice cream (who would pass that up? haha)
I'm also going to be bad ass (LOL JK) and steal a photo from Felicia. This is her ice cream as I was more focus on eating then taking a photo (that and I'm lazy, lol)