Reacting to Ladies' Code - So Wonderful

Hellu! :) This is a video I watched after a friend recommended it. She's a fan of Ladies' Code and she wanted me to listen to their latest song. I'm writing this post after watching it, so my initial reaction was that the song was good BUT it sounded similar to Wonder Girls - Nobody. Pretty much, exchange So Wonderful with Nobody and it's pretty much the same. I'm not saying it the same song, only that my initial reaction was that they sound almost alike. I do like the song thou. Haha. The music video: The make-up and the effect are pretty freaking cool! The only thing is that its so good it's creeping me out. The girls really look like dolls and the man really looks like he's shaping them. Plus point for the realistic video. I didn't really like when they where wrapped up in plastic thou. The dance: Once again it looks similar to Nobody, just by the fact that they are using mike's and dancing behind them. I will probably forever link "stand mike" dancing with Wonder Girls. The dance don't look complicated it rather looks boring but I do understand why the have this sort of dance (this is also why I prefer boy groups, since they have a bit more complicated dances). Since they girls can sing a lot better when they don't have to move around as much. The song does in fact make up for the lack of dancing. If you haven't watched my initial reaction then you can watch it below. :)