Reacting to BTS - Boy in Luv

Another highly anticipated comeback! I seriously adore BTS and their songs are amazing. My favourite songs from them are "We Are Bulletproof pt.2", "No More Dream", "School of Tears" and "N.O" I mention them in the video. If you click the songs name, you will go to the blogpost about them. :) On to the video. Cleaning the toilets. Ewww, thank god I live in Sweden and we have cleaning companies that comes and do that. I don't mind cleaning the toilet at home but at school where a couple of hundreds do their business. No, thanks. - Yes I do mention this in the video but I felt like I had to explain myself as I seem so stuck up. Haha, I'm not. I promise. Another thing I mention in the video. The random singing and spotlit. It feels like a Disney movie, where everyone starts singing randomly. Haha. It was so fun to watch! The dance. It looks so fun! I wish I was any good at dancing, I would totally learn this dance. The dance looks easy but it's actually not as easy as it seems just by the fact that they are pretty synced. :) I hope you guise enjoyed the song as much as I did. If you haven't seen my video reaction I'll link it below. ^^