Reacting to B.A.P's 1004 (Angel)

I should really start updating the blog at the same time as I publish a video on youtube. Not after. Haha. B.A.P is one of my favourite groups and I have almost all their albums, keyword, almost and I adore their music. Especially the songs Warrior, Power, No Mercy, Voice Message, Goodbye and so on. I can list (almost) all their songs so this is just the songs that immediately pop up in my head when you say B.A.P. By the way, B.A.P is an acronym for Best Absolute Perfect and Babyz are what their fans are called. :) On to the song and MV, I really like the editing job done on the music video. Especially the wall, "A wall seperetes two different worlds." :) I also really loved this song and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. So onto the reaction video, this is my initial reaction to the song and MV as I hadn't seen it before.