Physical Education + Gym

Hello! I haven't had anything rather interesting to blog about but I figured I needed to write something today. So let's start with this morning. I woke up the first time the alarm clock went of. I changed to "normal" cloths, beside the pants. I figured that I had another half an hour to stay in bed before I needed to change them. I manage to fall asleep and the alarm goes off, I thought I pressed snooze and that I'm late. So I throw on me, my shoes, jacket and bag. I don't even notice that I've forgotten to change my pants. YEAY! God Job Ti!! So I looked rather ridicules today... Moving on to something that does have something to do with the title. Today I had Physical Education or sports (what ever you wish to call it). Since I can't do anything in the class (I'm not allowed to precipitate since it agitates my migraine) my teacher thought I could walk to the Town Hall (Statshuset) and back and one way trip takes around 35 minutes as it's a 2,5km walk. And I recently bought new shoes. My feet hurts so bad. :( So instead of walking to the Town Hall and back. I just walked there, took a photo and tok the bus + train back to the school. After that I had an examination in maths, since I failed with a couple of points the last test. Okay, so I should have been able to get approved but I had such a bad migraine attack (didn't have my new meds yet) that I ended up, passing out in the exam rum. Yeay me! So I'm actually quite happy with that I got since I wasn't able to do my best. This time it feel a lot better and I didn't have such a bad migraine today. Then I went home. Played World of Warcraft a bit. Yes I've started playing again. Ehe, not such a smart move but it makes me happy and I need more things in my life that makes me happy. I ended up playing for around 2 hours then I meet up with Petra and we went to the gym! Yes! Two exercise workouts in one day!! We didn't stay for long, since we just want to get in the habit to go and do a bit there (we are taking one step at the time). But I did focus on shoulders, back and abdomen (I can't do a high incentive work out since it effect me to much) but I can do my best with out pushing the limits on my migraine. So challenge the body but leave the head alone (?) that sounds to much better in my head. Haha. I'm sitting and eating Muesli as I'm writing this and I'm on my way to making some tea (yum!) and then I have some homework to complete.
Ended up being a rather long blog post. Update: 5/3-2014. Since I'm a klutz and forgot to publish this yesterday I'm doing it today instead. Update: 13/3-2013 I deleted the last paragraf in the blog post and also removed the hideous photo of me. Lol. Instead I'm putting up a photo where I look a lot better. :)