Nice and Clean!

Okay, so I got a “seizure" and start cleaning my desk. I din’t take a before picture but it was horrible! I've put a lot of stuff on each other for a couple of weeks now, so you can imagine how it looked. I have also installed the disc table lamp that you see in the picture plus added new bulbs (ceiling lights too). Also took the opportunity to put up some pictures of EXO (mostly Kris but a picture of D.O and Luhan). The space backom computer will also be filled with pictures. :)

I’m really happy with the resultats! I love when everything around me is clean but I’m horrible at cleaning.
Ignonera that I forgot to remove the water bottle and watch from the table. The watch should really be where the bag is. Right! I need to record a couple of new movies as I have bought some new KPOP album. : 3