Januari Haul

This is the bags, as you can se we (me and my mom) bought items from H&M, Gina Tricot, Saint Tropez and Twilfit.
Here is the items we bought from H&M:
"Mid Highs" - 49.50 Kr Socks 5 pack - 79.50 Kr Hair Ties - 19.50 I also bought underwear but I'm not showing them. ^^. Everything, beside what we bought from Saint Tropez.
From Gina Tricot: Grey sweatpants - 199 Kr From Twilfit: A pajamas two parts set (it was on sale, so I think it cost around 400 kr). I also bought two bras, not in this picture. This is the item, I'm most happy with! From the Saint Tropez:
My new beloved jacket! My mom actually bought it for herself but I'm "borrowing" it. Also on sale, cost 500 KR. ^-^ It was an awesome deal!! I might actually do a video, just to show you how the items look. Comment if it sounds interesting! ^^