Hello! So my friend Zubeida managed to pursue me into taking the University test (it's högskoleprovet in Swedish) and I managed to pursue my mom into letting me take the test. So I'll be taking the test a totalt of three times. This time is basically just feeling out the test. Gosh that didn't sound right but basically, get mentally ready, learn what works best for me during the test. How the questions and answers look like and so on. Gosh I'm so nervous. April the 5th is the show day. Hopefully I don't do to badly on the test but if I do, I have another two times to ace the test. Haha. Anyway wish me God Luck! :)
This is the email you get when you have registered and paied the fee. I'll be doing the test at Stockholms University. Since it's the closest univeristy (to me) that holds the test. Anyone els thats going to do the test this year? :)