From left to right; Lay, Chen, Kris, Luhan, Xiumin och Tao!
Now your going to get to hear a lot about one of my favourite groups'! :D
The group EXO official debut is April 8th 2012 in two sub-units; EXO-K for Korea and EXO-M for China (M stands for Mandarin) I do like both groups but my favourite of the two is EXO-M.
Before their "official" debut they released the song "What is Love" in two versions one for EXO-K and one for EXO-M and they will keep releasing two versions of all their songs, one Korean and a Chines.

Even thought it's only 2 of the members that are singing, you can see the rest in the group (I should actually say you can see they other members in "both" groups)
After What is Love they released History. This song was also released in two versions (Haha had to emphasize it.) Thought, this time ALL the members sing / rap (from the Chinese group in this music video, look up the same song just with EXO-K for the Korean members). It feels like I'm doing everything more confusing then it is.
Mama is their "official" first song. Jump to 01:25 to skip the intro.
Their song Machine and Two Moons is also playing on my iPhone at the moment. I'm only listening to EXO-M for the moment. Haha, I think you can notice how much I like them. I also like EXO-K but like I said; I like EXO-M a biiiiit more.
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