Espresso House

Hello, long time to see! Since I've been horrible at updating my blog, I figured I'll update today as I took quite a lot of photos today. I meet up with Kimia, we first walked around and bought a couple of items. I managed to buy the last of a limited edition mac lipstick (Lucky me!) I also bought a brush spray cleaner and dry shampoo. I'll share photos of that tomorrow, since I want to showcase the lipstick. The lipstick is really gorgeous. We then moved on to the Old City and took a couple of photos (that I need to edit). Kimia where an awesome friend and took a couple of photos of me as well. We ended this fun filled day at Espresso House in Solna. I bought a Cookie and Cream frappiano (I think I totally butchered the name.. Oh well, you can't always be perfect (LOL, ignore silly me)) and a chocolate ball(?). Kimia ended up buying a raspberrie yogurt (which is so much healthier then my option haha)