Eat Your Kimchi

Saga, Malin and me. Right before the showcase / fan meeting started! ^_^

One of the few pictures I took but I filmed a bit on my camera so I might upload it (depending on the quality)

I can't believe I was at Eat Your Kimchi's fan meeting! It's really surreal! They even answered my question, which I didn't film, so stupid of me! They event felt like it only was 10 minutes but it actually was TWO whole hours. OH MY GOD! I’m still freaking out! I’m so happy that I decided to go and see them even thought I don’t like crowds. Best decision of my life! And if they come to Sweden again then I would go and see them again! Seriously, Martina and Simon (yes, I had to say Martina’s name first because she always complains about it ;)) you guise are freaking amazing and keep doing what you are doing because you are making a lot of people happy.

Thank you so much Kpop Nonstop for bringing them here. You guises are also amazing and I hope you keep on doing these events in the future! I will also be coming to your party's as fast as I hit 18! ^_^