Driving Lessons

I've finally called to the driving school where I'm going to take driving lessons / get my driving license at. It been a fight, trying to get them to answer. Haha. I guess they are busy? I'm actually really pumped over the fact that I'm going to get a driving license because of the fact that I can take the car and drive to different location and take photos. It's really hard getting everything you want to take with you on the subway and/or the bus. It always ends up with me carrying 150 bags and looking like I'm moving.. I need to end this blog post and go and make something to eat then I need to hit the books. Haha it sounds better to say, I need to hit the sack (the bed). I have a lot of homework and up coming tests that I need to focus on.
An rather old (it's not that old) picture from my moms laptop. (: