Drama Queen Alert

I apologise for the lack of updates. I've been busy trying to fit everything into a schedule that my body actually can handle. It sounds so dramatic haha. Seriously I'm just trying to get hang of going to school, training, editing, the blog and feeling alright.

I had a photoshoot with my friends almost two weeks ago and I still haven't sent them the photos. I'm currently stuck on which way to go. Which kind of editing style I like the best and which photography stile is my own. Yes, I'm still ung and I have a lot of experimenting left to do but I still would like to show some sort of consistency in my portfolio.

I got side tracked from what I actually wanted to talk about haha.

So I needed a break after having a rough day. I wasn't feeling so good in the morning and it stuck though the entire day and at the same time I had a cinema ticket which was expiring today. So I decided to go see Lucy.

I actually had an almost panic attack (was extremely close to getting a full blown panic attack). I could not find my way to the cinema, I've been there so many times and I always take exact same way but today I just could not see the stairs up to the cinema. I think I rounded the entire centrum twice or three times and every step got me more and more agitated. My vision was turning black and could hardly breath. Had to take a moment to breath and to try to regin the panic attack in. Then I actually asked one of the workers in one of the stores (I can't event remember which store) and she was really kind and showed me the way. By the way, I did thank her. All this before the movie even started. Gosh. I sound like a drama queen. I'll write a blog post about the movie when I've calmed down and had a moment to let everything sink in.

I leave a picture of a hot chocolate, which would be perfect to drink right now.