Hi guys! Already another update! Weho haha

This time I'm actually going to share my two favourite songs for the past month or so. Best part? The both share the same name, even though they don't sound similar.

L ets give it up for Taemin (from the grupp SHINee) and his song Danger, which was released the 15th of August. 

I actually didin't like the song the first time I heard it, neither the second or third time. I didin't start liking it before I went to Mihawk Back's workshop on the 27th of August. Read more here. He taught Pretty Boy to the advance class, also from Taemins album and I got hocked after watching the dance and hearing the same song over and over again. So I decided to give Taemins album a chance. Now I can't stop listening to the song. 

Lets move on to BTS's song. I still need to write about their concert but I'll do that later (hopefully haha). They released the song on the 19th of August and this song was love on first listen, which is quite opposite against Teamins. I like how song gives me an eargasm hahaha. Its like eating an incredible good chocolate, you just can't stop eating after the first bite. I'm just going to link it below so you guys can check it out! I especially like the chorus, which I have been going around humming on, ever since I first heard this song.

Ps. The music video has more views on the 1theK's channel but I prefer to link to the agencies music video instead, as you'll be able to catch more BTS goodness there. Also check out Taemin's grupp SHINee! 

Until next time, take care!  😊