Captain America: Return of the first Avenger

Hello! Today has been quite fun! Me and my mom went to town and watched the movie (as the tile might hint ;)) Captain America: Return of the first Avenger. The movie was good, not fantastic. As their was so much they could have done, that isn't fighting. But I guess a lot of the cinema / movie fanatic wants explosions and fighting. I actually prefer the first Captain America movie as it has more back story. And I love all the jokes in the first Avenger movie. Seriously, sometime I got to do a post about all the jokes but I think it will probably include the entire movie. But seriously, watch it if you haven't! Anyho, I'm happy that I've finally seen the movie and finally can watch the latest episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and understand what's going on. :) By the way! The cinema has this cool cosplay going on, two guys, one dressed as Spider-Man and the other as the villain from the latest movie. They were running around "fighting" each other. Pretty fun actually! :) Here is an photo of Spider-Man ;)
Excuse the picture quality, this was taken with my phone. ^~^
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