An Exciting Day Goes Wrong.

Hi! A little warning if you are one of those who don't like reading negative (complaining) posts then please don't keep reading. If you decided to keep reading, then do remember that this is an extremely long (filled with a lot of complaining) blogpost because this day went terrible wrong. Let's start from the beginning, shall we? I set my alarm for 8am this morning. Did I wake up? No. I keep on snoozing for over an hour, which gave me an headache, yeay. Which is extremely convenient when I already have an migraine and for those wondering, migraines and headaches are not the same thing. Yes, you can have a migraine and a headache at the same time... Yes, it came as a shock for me too, when my doctor told me. Then, I finally decide to move from my comfortable bed and had an amazing breakfast (have to look on the positive side of things too). Best decision ever to pic my own musli! After that I had to pic my outfit of today, I got extremely upset over the fact that I couldn't find anything that fit and made me look good. Yes, it's one of those days when everything in the wardrobe looks awful. I finally found something that was OK. So, I went on to do my make up. I've recently bought new make up, which is quite awesome, but horrible when nothing want to operate and the fact that I've recently broken out extremely, is not helping. I have never had as bad skin as I have now... Which is quite sad. So, I make my foundation routine look quite flawless (weho! for a couple of minutes) and I end with messing up my eyeliner. Over and over again. So I decide not to wear any eyeliner today. When I needed to go, I see that my foundation had started to flake because of my horrible outbreak and I remembered that I've used the wrong concealer, In my panicked/tired state I ended up taking the concealer that do not work with dry skin and I do not have time to re-do my make up. All this happened and the clock hasn't even hit 10. I finally go over to my friends house, she curled her hair with my curling iron and we made sandwiches and she gave me a chocolate boll (THANK YOU FELICIA!). Then before we walk out the door, I went to the bathroom. Don't you think that they are out of toilette papper? So I have to tell her that they were out on toilette papper (her parents was home, talk about awkward). So we finally meet up with Stella and goes to the Old Town. We went to the SF Bookstore were Stella bought a couple of books. And then finally we started shooting some photos, which was what this day was all about. Don't you think I get a freaking stomach ace from hell? I thought I was going to die, it hurt that badly (and I have a high tolerance of pain). The fact is when I have an over kill (what I call an overkill is basically having an stomach ace, a migraine and a headache at the same time) I turn into a giant cry baby. So props to both Felicia and Stella for being so nice and not wanting to kill me. Haha In the end we decide to take a couple of photos then move on to a cafe. We only took 100 photos, which is not a lot but we ended up with a couple of really good looking photos which is awesome. Felicia were awesome and bought Apple pie for me and her. I've borrowed the picture from her blog.
Thank you for making my day a bit better and sorry for being the worst kind of company, you chould have keept today. I'll end this post with a dog picture to apologize for all the complaining, I just needed to get it off my chest.