10 Years with TVXQ!

I can't believe that TVXQ! actually debuted 10 years ago, today! (It's still the 26th in Sweden) Today, 10 years ago they had a showcase with Britney Spears and BOA, and we got to listen to their song Hug for the first time. I haven't been following them for that long (obliviously) but I've been a fan since 2009. ^^

I become a fan, while they where splitting up as TVXQ! and JYJ. I think that JYJ need as much credit as they two left in TVXQ! I mean all of them have been handling sasaengs for 10 years now...

Their first showcase, when they preformed Hug and we got introduced to TVXQ! for the first time! ^^

Both TVXQ! and JYJ uploaded anniversary videos, I'm going to include them further down in the post!

I'm proud to be a Cassiopeia and I love them together as one group and split up as the two current groups.

TVXQ! as five, before the split up into two groups.

Here is TVXQ!'s anniversary video, from SM own channel. There is actually English subs, just press the 'CC' / the subtitle button.

Here is JYJ's anniversary video, I'm including the one with English text.

I'm also going to include the comeback teaser for TVXQ! who is going to have a comeback in the beginning of Januari!! So happy and looking forward it!! ^^

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